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Mindset Relating to Parents

Aug 10 2018 22:42

Mindset Relating to Parents

Firecracker Alumni Series: Kelly Ramsey

Aug 07 2018 20:27

Hands down the most important thing about playing in the Firecracker organization is the opportunity to fill your metaphorical toolbelt for life.

Let's Talk About....Suicide Prevention

Aug 06 2018 18:53

Tony Rico talks with Firecracker mom, Jolissa Hebard, who delivers some powerful education regarding what we can do to help those who need help coping with life.

Firecrackers North Win PGF 18U Platinum Championsh

Aug 06 2018 18:06

As we wrap up another successful season of Firecracker softball we want to send out a  huge congratulations to Firecrackers North 18U who sailed through seven straight in week one of PGF Nationals before being crowned Platinum champions.



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Mindset Relating to Parents

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